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Moped Reservations

At this time all moped rentals must be made in person. You must be 18 years of age to rent a moped.

Moped Reservations! A Popular Way To Explore Put-in-Bay!

Put-in-Bay Moped Rentals are a popular transit method on South Bass Island! Hourly and Daily rentals are available; weekend rates may vary from weekday rental rates. Before you make a Put-in-Bay Moped Reservations, Check the Put-in-Bay map to create a list of things to do at Put-in-Bay.

When you arrive at the Put-in-Bay ferry dock, you’ll see many Put-in-Bay taxis available to bring you to your Put-in-Bay Hotels. Our moped rentals have long been an exciting part of the Put-in-Bay culture. Mopeds allow visitors to rest and move about on island time. 

When touring, it’s best to have a plan detailing what you want to see and experience. You don’t have to be restricted to the rigid pick-up and drop-off schedules of the Put-in-Bay tour train or delay for a local taxi cab to pick you up each time you want to move on.

 Moped rentals in Put-in-Bay allow tourists to wander about our Lake Erie island paradise at their own self-guided pace.

 To ensure that guests can truly have a great time. We recommend booking your Put-in-Bay Moped Rental sooner rather than later because they sell out on those happening summer days. Book your mopeds online in advance to secure the scooter rental and a good time! Follow the official Put-in-Bay Facebook for fun thoughts on all the exciting things to do at Put-in-Bay.

Moped Rentals On Put-in-Bay

Put-in-Bay Rentals is on Delaware Avenue, just a short walk from the ferry, next to one of the most famous Put-in-Bay attractions, DeRivera Park, and around the corner from popular island locations such as the General Store & Historical Society.

 Put-in-Bay Moped Reservations offers only gas-powered mopeds. We offer Put-in-Bay Moped Reservations every day! Our moped reservations locations are downtown and Put-in-Bay’s only moped rental agency that has been operating since the 70s!

 The mopeds are fun and excellent for couples and single travelers!

Put-in-Bay Moped Reservations rent only late-model Honda Ruckus Mopeds and is just a short walk from the famous Put-in-Bay Ferry. 

 Save money with our Coupons and a reservation! These superb mopeds are the island’s newest and only fleet of mopeds. Depending on your group size, you could make several moped reservations. In addition, both Put-in-Bay Hotel partners offer the best group accommodation for when you visit Put-in-Bay! For larger groups, be sure to check out the All Star Ohio House located in downtown Put-in-Bay! This is the island’s most sought-after rental home and sleeps up to 22 people! Just 30 years from the main strip!

About Put-in-Bay Moped Reservations

Mopeds on Put-in-Bay are fun and easy to operate. We can help you learn to ride and select the one most suited for you and your group traveling to Put-in-Bay. Honda Ruckus is the only brand you’ll find on the island. The most popular mopeds are gas-powered, running at the same speed all day!

Fuel is included in your moped reservation, so no stress filling the fuel tank as the mopeds are extremely fuel-efficient! Most will last several days on a single tank of gas!

put in bay moped reservations and fill their mopeds with fuel before and after customers return them from being rented. Therefore, renters won’t ever have to worry about running out of fuel. Combined with the cheapest moped rentals at Put-in-Bay, this makes for a carefree, easy experience!

Mopeds are rented by the hour (walk-up only) and daily. Relax with our convenient moped rental location.  We have broken down the general Put-in-Bay Moped Reservations prices for both weekday and weekend rentals. Book now to secure moped availability.

Weekday Put-in-Bay Moped Reservations Rates

$20/hour, $70/day

Weekend Put-in-Bay Moped Reservation Rates

$20/hour, $80/day


Fun Things to do with your Put-in-Bay Mopeds

Perry’s Cave & Family Fun Center:

The Perry’s Cave & Family Fun Center offers something for all ages. Once there, guests enjoy Cave tours, The Butterfly House, Mini Golf, Antique Car Museum, A Rock Climbing wall, Souvenir Gift Shops, and so much more! Plan for a few hours at this popular Put-in-Bay Attraction!

The Wineries At Put-in-Bay:

Put-in-Bay serves up two popular wineries, both just a quick moped ride from town. One is located across from the Put-in-Bay waterfront, just a quick ride from downtown Put-in-Bay. This winery offers tasting tours for adults over 21 years of age, and children can have some of the world’s best grape juice.

 The Heinemann Winery is a three-minute moped cart ride from town and offers tours of the winemaking process, the Crystal Cave, the world’s largest underground geode! The Crystal Cave was accidentally discovered when the winery attempted to dig a well! A famous wine garden offers visitors a relaxing place to enjoy their selections. Wines are conveniently packaged for shipping to take a few bottles home with you!

Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial:

You must visit Perry’s Monument when you come to Put-in-Bay. The 352 feet tall enormous Doric column is a homage to Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. Commodore Perry directed his American fleet to triumph despite being outnumbered in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. On a clear day, you can see the mainland of Canada from the observation deck! The monument can be seen from tens of miles away.

The Boardwalk Restaurant:

The Boardwalk is one of the popular Put-in-Bay restaurants. This waterfront restaurant has multiple eateries available on the lower and upper decks. Meanwhile, The Upper Deck is popular for its stunning views and upscale dining menu items. Remember to try their world-famous lobster bisque and some peel-and-eat shrimp!

Lake Erie’s South Bass Island State Park:

The South Bass Island State Park hosts one of two Put-in-Bay public beaches. The park features a big picnic site, boat docks, and a fishing pier. The sunsets at the State Park are some of the best in the United States. The South Bass Island State Park offers a Put-in-Bay campground with an abundance of campsites open to the public.

With so many incredible Put-In-Bay Attractions, a moped is a great way to see it all! In addition, you might also want to stay a few days in one of the best Put-In-Bay Hotels to get the whole island experience! Check out the Put-in-Bay lodging options the island offers, and you will find the one you desire. Keep in mind weekends book up fast in the summer, so make sure you plan! The sooner you book, the sooner you can enjoy a Put-in-Bay ferry ride! Enjoy the island breeze, and ride your moped rental down Delaware Ave and learn all about the island!

  A Little About Traffic Laws & Moped Rentals

Put-in-Bay moped rentals are considered licensed motor vehicles. Riders must obey all traffic laws. The Put-in-Bay Police Department strictly forbids drinking and driving. Every year, the Put-in-Bay Police Department gives dozens of DUIs to moped operators. If you and your crowd plan on drinking, please do so responsibly!

Ohio laws apply in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, just like they do in Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo! All mopeds must have working turn signals, taillights, and brake lights. To make moped reservations, operators must be at least 18 years of age and hold a proper driver’s license. Furthermore, the Put-in-Bay Police will pull you over if you ride more than one rider.

A simple rule of thumb is to remember if it applies to an automobile, it applies to Put-in-Bay Moped Reservations. This means no open containers, excessive horns honking, and staying out of and off private property. Generally speaking, staying on paved roadways is an excellent way to follow the rules!

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